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2012 Wallpaper

Blue Lakes Sitka Alaska

September 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Blue Lake, Alaska

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One of my favorite things about photography is that luck can be just as much a part of a photo as years of knowledge and experience. My friends and I only expected to shoot at Blue Lake in Alaska for a few minutes before heading off to another location for the day, but when we came over the crest and saw the still lake, we were greeted with a rowboat that seemed to hover on top of the smooth water – the perfect foreground subject. We ended up staying here for an hour and this was one of my favorite shots. The lake was so calm and the air so still that it’s almost difficult to tell where the boat ends and the lake begins.

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August 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Mount Edgecumbe, Alaska

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Sitka Alaska Mount Edgecumbe desktop wallpaper

I had a incredible opportunity to travel to Alaska in June with two good photographer friends, Colby Brown and Joe Azure. We spent an entire week hiking, taking photos of the ocean, mountains, bears, and all the wonderful scenery that Alaska has no shortage of. Denver has had a stretch of multiple 100+ degree days this summer, so a trip to the cool, cloudy Sitka, Alaska was something that I intend to make a summer tradition. This shot was on one of the first nights in Sitka and one of the few that a sunset actually made it’s way through the clouds. It was worth the wait as this light show on Mount Edgecumbe was amazing.

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