My Story

I’ve long since had a love of the outdoors and nature. Being outside, and a part of nature has always kept my life at even keel. In 2013, I moved to San Francisco in order to be closer to the ocean and next to mother nature’s backyard. Experiencing the beauty of the landscape in this area makes me want to share my journeys with the rest of the world. Being able to live on the west coast and call this place home is pretty unbelievable. I live in a place that people spend years saving money to come spend a week’s worth of vacation and I’m grateful for that. I feel that it is my obligation to capture that and spread those moments through my stories and photographs. My camera helps me interpret and portray the things that I see. My photos give a voice to the feeling I get that I’ve never quite figured out how to put into words.

My photography is both documentary and artistic, but above all, I have chosen call myself an outdoor lifestyle photographer. I capture adventures as they happen, the stages on which they play out, and the time spent in between.

Currently, I am available for assignment and commercial photo shoots.

Casey Mac photographing in The Subway in Zion National Park.

About my Photographs

Since my interest in photography began in 2007, I have shot digital photos. I feel that digital, as opposed to film, gives me more creative control over the photos and the editing process for print rendering. Some day, once my budget allows, I would love to venture into the world of large format photography.

I shoot entirely with Sony camera bodies and Zeiss lenses. A lot of my photos have come from scenes experienced after miles of hiking, snowboarding, or biking, and in these situations I generally carry only one lens and as minimal gear as possible. I prefer to use natural light in 99% of my shots, but carry a flash for the few times a condition calls for it.

Digital Editing

The human eye sees a range of light that’s much more broad than what most consumer cameras can record. Because I prefer to bring back images that closely resemble what I see when I’m standing in front of a scene, I often will shoot multiple frames of the same scene at different exposures in order to capture the entire dynamic range of light.

Upon returning to my digital darkroom, I’ll combine the layers of exposures in Adobe Photoshop, showing the final product as how I remember it at the time. I also use a combination of Singh-Ray graduated neutral density, neutral density, and polarizers in order to complete as much process in the camera as I can. I’m more than happy to share my editing technique with anyone who would like more information.

Image Use

All of my photos are released under a Creative Commons license with Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs. This means that you can use them anywhere on the Internet as long as you give credit with a link back to me and this site. You cannot alter my photo or use for commercial purposes without first contacting me.

License my images and read more about Creative Commons.

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