September 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Blue Lake, Alaska

One of my favorite things about photography is that luck can be just as much a part of a photo as years of knowledge and experience. My friends and I only expected to shoot at Blue Lake in Alaska for a few minutes before heading off to another location for the day, but when we came over the crest and saw the still lake, we were greeted with a rowboat that seemed to hover on top of the smooth water – the perfect foreground subject. We ended up staying here for an hour and this was one of my favorite shots. The lake was so calm and the air so still that it’s almost difficult to tell where the boat ends and the lake begins.

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August 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Mount Edgecumbe, Alaska

Sitka Alaska Mount Edgecumbe desktop wallpaper

I had a incredible opportunity to travel to Alaska in June with two good photographer friends, Colby Brown and Joe Azure. We spent an entire week hiking, taking photos of the ocean, mountains, bears, and all the wonderful scenery that Alaska has no shortage of. Denver has had a stretch of multiple 100+ degree days this summer, so a trip to the cool, cloudy Sitka, Alaska was something that I intend to make a summer tradition. This shot was on one of the first nights in Sitka and one of the few that a sunset actually made it’s way through the clouds. It was worth the wait as this light show on Mount Edgecumbe was amazing.

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July 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – American Flag Barn

American Flag Barn in Colorado with July desktop wallpaper

Colorado has so much creativity and art associated with it’s history that a short drive through the foothills will reveal sculptures, murals, and giant American flags like this one just outside of Boulder. What better month to have an American flag than the month that the United States celebrates it’s independence.

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June 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Death Valley

Every time I’ve shown this photo, I’m always met with extreme curiosity about why the rocks slide across the desert. Is it weather? Humans? UFOs? The truth is no one really knows. The phenomenon has never been captured on film, but scientists speculate that the rocks slide across the desert floor by high winds that are timed perfectly after a rare freeze. The icy surface makes it easy for the 80 pound rocks to glide before settling back down to rest until the next weather pattern blows through. I definitely recommend visiting Death Valley. It is, by far, one of my favorite national parks in the US.

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Top 20 Action/Adventure Photographers on Instagram

Not too long ago, getting a glimpse into the daily lives of well-known photographers was almost unheard of. Now, thanks to social media, fans around the world have access to everything from exciting behind-the-scenes shots of a photography expedition to the more ordinary views of a photographer’s daily life.


Instagram, one of the fastest growing social networks, offers a multi-faceted view of the world through the eye of some of the most interesting and innovative photographers working today.


In addition to the photographers listed here, you can also follow me on Instagram @caseymac.

Jimmy Chin Instagram

Jimmy Chin

Who else should start off this list, but the one and only. Jimmy has shot for The North Face, National Geographic, and runs his own production company with the collaboration of other artists.

Full site:

Chris Burkard Instagram

Chris Burkard

Chris is the staff photographer for Surfer Magazine and the overall winner of the 2010 Red Bull Illume photo contest. He shoots primarily cold water surfing photos around the globe.

Full site:

Scott Rinckenberger Instagram

Scott Rinckenberger

Scott is Chase Jarvis’ ex-right hand man. He recently made the jump to photographing his own ambitions of skiing and mountaineering full-time in the mountains of Washington.

Full site:

Keith Ladzinski Instagram

Keith Ladzinski

Keith is an artificial lighting wizard who shoots primarily rock climbing out of Colorado Springs. His work has been featured in Rock & Ice, ESPN, National Geographic Adventure, Mens Journal, and several other publications.

Full site:

Ian Coble Instagram

Ian Coble

Ian is an action and lifestyle photographer from Seattle, Washington. I was first drawn to his backcountry skiing work, but his portraiture and lifestyle work is equally as amazing. His clients include Patagonia, Skiing, and Backcountry Magazines.

Full site:

Grayson Schaffer Instagram

Grayson Schaffer

I’ve been following Grayson Schaffer’s work as the Senior Editor of Outside Magazine for quite some time, but it’s his recent photos from Mount Everest that are by far my favorite.

Full site:

Jeremy Koreski Instagram

Jeremy Koreski

Jeremy is a Tofino, B.C.-based surf and fishing lifestyle and action photographer. He’s currently working as the photo editor for SBC Surf, but it’s his creative work in the Patagonia catalog that initially caught my eye.

Full site:

Hage Photo Instagram

Matt and Agnes Hage

Matt and Agnes are based out of Anchorage, Alaska, but always seem to be on the move in some new exotic location. Like many others on this list, I also initially discovered their work via the Patagonia catalog.

Full site:

Craig Kolesky Instagram

Craig Kolesky

Craig is an all-purpose adventure photographer for Red Bull and Oakley based out of Cape Town, South Africa. I’m most inspired by his surfing and mountain biking photographs.

Full site:

Cory Richards Instagram

Cory Richards

Cory is a North Face mountaineer and photographer from Boulder. In 2011, he became the first American to summit an 8,000 meter peak in winter, which was documented in the film Cold.

Full site:

Renan Ozturk Instagram

Renan Ozturk

Probably considered by most a filmmaker rather than a photographer, but Renan has created some of the best action/adventure films of the last few years. Also working with Jimmy Chin of Camp 4 Collective, his next film is titled House of Cards.

Full site:

Dan Barham Instagram

Dan Barham

Dan shoots mountain biking and other outdoor photographs and is based in Vancouver, B.C. As a lot of photographers seem to be these days, he’s also started to create some very beautiful short films.

Full site:

Ben Moon Instagram

Ben Moon

Ben resides in Portland, Oregon and shoots rock climbing and other outdoor sports and that are commonplace in the Pacific Northwest. His clients include Patagonia, Eastern Mountain Sports, Black Diamond and many more.

Full site:

Re Wikstrom Instagram

Re Wikstrom

Re is a staff photographer for She focuses most of her work on women’s freeskiing. In addition to, Re has shot for the likes of Backcountry magazine, Skiing magazine, and many more.

Full site:

Erik Seo Instagram

Erik Seo

Erik is a Park City-based photographer who specializes in skiing photography. He’s shot for such names as Helly Hansen, Under Armour, and Freeskier magazine. When he’s not shooting winter sports, Erik also shoots concerts and and weddings.

Full site:

Ryan Struck Instagram

Ryan Struck

Ryan Struck is a Jersey-based photographer with an eye for surf, people, and the stories surrounding them. He seems right at home in the chilly waters of the Atlantic and his photos represent that.

Full site:

Andy Mann Instagram

Andy Mann

Andy is a Boulder-based rock climber and photographer who has shot for such clients as PrAna, Rock and Ice magazine, and The New York Times. His portfolio contains shots ranging from rock-climbing and base-jumping to beautiful landscape shots.

Full site:

Boone Speed Instagram

Boone Speed

Boone Speed shoots climbing and adventure photography for clients like The North Face, ESPN, and Patagonia. Based in Portland, Oregon, Boone is also a world-class rock climber.

Full site:

Chris Park Instagram

Chris Park

Based out of San Diego, Chris Park does, among other things, surf, underwater, and commercial photography and video. A former Associate Press contract photographer, Chris now spends his time working for a variety of clients and surfing.

Full site:

Adam Dewolfe Instagram

Adam Dewolfe

Adam is a surfing photographer from Tofino, B.C. He has wonderful surfing shots, but it’s his photos from inside the barrels of crashing waves that initially drew me to his photography. He is also shooting short films surrounding surf culture.

Full site:


May 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Sámara, Costa Rica

May 2012 Desktop Wallpaper

In mid-April, I traveled to Costa Rica to enjoy some warmer weather and relaxation time on the beach. I’ve been to Costa Rica before and it’s one of my favorite countries to visit. The locals are extremely friendly, the food is great, and the weather is perfect. Not to mention the beautiful beaches. This beach is right next to the villa that we stayed in outside of a town called Sámara. Horses would run on the shore around dusk as the fishing boats were pulling into the harbor just as the evening sun set. I always find a spring trip is the perfect transition from winter to spring/summer weather in Colorado.

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April 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Colorado Sunflower Field

April 2012 Desktop Wallpaper

The eastern plains of Colorado do not get near as much attention as the Rocky Mountains to the west, but each August the eastern crops of Colorado are greeted with fields upon fields of sunflowers. They are only fully blossomed for around one week out of the year, so catching them at the right time is tough. It’s truly a unique site when the sea of yellow goes on for further than the eye can see, only to come to a stop at the foot of the best mountains in the US.

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March 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Rocky Mountain National Park

March 2012 Desktop Wallpaper Rocky Mountain National Park

I’ve been pretty busy this month with a complete redesign of this Web site. My intention is to have my photos be seen up close and personal in a full-screen format on the home page. It’s 99% done, and I hope to announce it early next week. Because of this, though, I’ve had little time to get out and shoot. Winter has finally arrived in Colorado (3 months late) and I’m getting the itch to get back outdoors and shoot skiers and ice climbing.

For this month’s wallpaper, I dove deep into the archives of last autumn for this shot from an early morning hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Longs Peak is the tallest peak in the park and can be seen for miles around, including from Denver. The color from the aspen trees was especially bright this season and it was no exception on this cool October morning.

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February 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Montana de Oro Sunset

February 2012 Desktop Wallpaper Montana de Oro

This month, I’ve introduced several new sizes to the monthly wallpaper, including a Facebook cover photo that works with the new Timeline feature that has recently been rolling out. I reviewed my web stats for the last year and released the wallpaper in the top 15 most popular desktop dimensions for browsing my site and I will continue to do so each month.

This photo was shot at Montana de Oro State Park in California. My favorite part of this area of California, aside for the beautiful scenery, is that there was absolutely no one around. I didn’t see a single soul for the nearly 3 hours spent on this bit of coastline. At this particular area, the leading lines of the rock features were interesting to me and made natural shapes out of the ocean water. The sunset this spring evening was a particularly long one, and I was grateful to have the extra time for composing each shot perfectly.

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Tips for Building a Perfect Photo Portfolio Web Site

Being hired to shoot a project or expedition requires that you have the whole package– excellent photos, attitude, personality, discipline — but when it comes down to it, the first thing a client will look at when doing their research is something that many photographers neglect: the web site. It needs to be flawless. Why, then, are photographer web sites notorious for being so bad?

If it seems like I spend a lot of time thinking about photography web sites, I have a good reason: along with my work as a photographer, I also work as a web developer for the University of Colorado in Denver.

Web sites have a lot of impact today. Thanks to technology and the Internet, the world feels significantly smaller than before. No longer do you have to be tied down to a specific region to land a job there — or anywhere. In lieu of your paper resume, you can now offer a URL. In the absence of an interview, your web site can speak for you. And just as crucial as a first impression can be, your web site should serve as the equivalent of a professional, well-rounded, and well-dressed introduction. A bad first impression — in person and on the web — is hard to forget and even harder to redo.