California beach moody long exposure

New Work & My First Editing Video Tutorial

I’m excited to announce that starting today, every new fine art photo I release will be accompanied with a for-purchase video tutorial explaining my entire editing process. Each tutorial will include the original RAW file that allows the purchaser to follow along with their own version. Vision is a big part of photography, but it’s not all accomplished on scene and in camera. Vision can be brought to life on the screen, as well. These days editing is just as important as composition and camera settings and I want to share what goes on in my head during the editing process with the rest of the world. This video tutorial and all future tutorials are only $5.

About This Shot

I shot this photo on March 8, 2014 just south of San Francisco off Highway 1 near Pescadero. After relaxing for most of the Saturday, the rainy skies looked as though they would clear to deliver a great sunset south of the bay. An idea has been in my head for a shot near Gray Whale Cove that would require some bright orange skies to complete, so I headed that way thinking today might be the day. Turns out, not so much. As soon as I exited the city, the skies clouded back over and my sunset hopes were gone. No matter, however. A trip to the beach during cloudy weather is still a trip to the beach, so I continued on my way.

Passing my original destination, I settled on this spot near Pescadero where I knew I could climb out on a section of rock for a clear view of the ocean. The scene was moody – cold and dark – so, in order to emphasize this feeling, I attached my Lee Big Stopper to a 16-35 lens to reduce the ocean waves to smooth glassy water. The result of the 10-stop filter and an additional Singh-Ray 3-stop ND filter brought my exposure to 3 minutes at f/11 and ISO 250. My favorite part of shooting long exposures is the time to explore while the camera is exposing a multi-minute photograph.

Topics Covered In This Video

  • Brightness/Tonal Contrast
  • White Balance
  • Vibrance/Saturation
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Cropping/Straightening
  • Dodging/Burning
  • Sharpening/Noise Reduction

Software Used

Included In Your Purchase

  • 39 minute MP4 video showing entire editing process.
  • The original RAW file for you to edit along (released under Creative Commons).
  • My final edited version
  • Instructions and helpful links.

See a sped up version of the complete tutorial in the video below, and buy the full version here. As this is my first tutorial, I would love to hear from you in the comments below how I can improve and what you would like to see included in future videos.