Monday Inspiration, Volume 1

Like most people, I’ve always had a love/hate relationships with Mondays. On one hand, it’s leaving behind weekend fun usually spent in the mountains or traveling with my long-distance girlfriend and returning to the daily grind of working at the office. On the other, after hours, it gives me a chance to get caught up with inspiring things that I come across that I might have missed while out playing on the weekends. I follow endless amounts of blogs and inspiring sites, and each Monday I would like to share a few things that hopefully inspire you throughout the week.

Annapurna Moonrise

Craig discusses spending his 29th birthday in the Himalayas, the photos he took, and how to answer the question, “Why do you climb?” His photos are beautiful and his rationale for why he climbs have answered a few of my own questions that I have been asking.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

We’ve all had those days where you’d rather lay in bed all day, having no motivation to go out and shoot or perform other tasks. This is the perfect video to watch when you’re feeling a bit of writer’s block or laziness. It’s a quick watch at just shy of 2 minutes and is beautifully designed.

How Surfboard Dust is Cleaning Up the World

Surfers are taking more and more of a stand against pollution and working hard to maintain the beautiful state of our oceans. But, despite many attempts to do so, surfboards have never been very green. Especially the byproduct that’s created when the board is shaped. This article discusses how the dust is being collected and is an excellent way to soak up oil.

Earth: Timelapse View From Space

I mean, does it get any better than this?! This is 5 minutes of time lapse footage shot by NASA aboard the International Space Station from August to October of this year. I especially like the lightning storms around the 1:22 mark.

Check back next Monday for more inspiring links!