Monday Inspiration, Volume 2

Continuing on from last week’s inaugural post here is your Monday morning inspiration. This week is the video edition with four inspiring videos from across the Web and a bonus photo. Enjoy your week, everyone!

This is My Winter

Xavier de le Rue has been showing up in films for a while now, riding some of the biggest mountains across the globe. Now, he is featured in his own film that has been released in it’s entirety on the Web. The opening scene shows Xavier clinging to the side of a steep face from one ice axe after the snow has slid. From that moment, I was hooked.

Finding Oregon

I recently came across Ben Canales’ astro photography work on Google Plus and have been extremely impressed. Ben just released his first timelapse video, along with the rest of his Uncage Production crew featuring shots from all across the state of Oregon.

TimeScapes 4K

Speaking of timelapse videos, here’s the new teaser of his film Timescapes from the timelapse king himself, Tom Lowe. This footage was all shot in 4K resolution (4096×2304) so if you have a 30″ monitor, be sure to check out the download. The views are inspiring.

Jeremy Jones Goes to Washington

Jeremy Jones, one of the biggest mountain snowboarders in the past 20 years, puts on a suit and heads to Washington D.C. to talk climate change and the problems our planet is experiencing with his Senators.

Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta

Sean Bagshaw Lunar Eclipse
There have been lots of pictures from this past weeks’s lunar eclipse posted on the Internet, but I still turn to this shot by Sean Bagshaw of Photo Cascadia for the best I’ve ever seen. It was shot in 2007 over Mount Shasta in California. Sean explains how he shot the photo in this blog post and check out more of Sean’s photos on his Outdoor Exposure web site.