Sunrise & Sunset Presets

Sunrise & Sunset Presets

Everyone loves sunrises and sunsets. It’s the two things that are guaranteed to happen every single day.

These 25 presets cover the entire spectrum of warm tones. From orange, red, purple, and yellow, sunsets and sunrise are enhanced with bright and contrasting tones. Eight of these presets mimic the effects of graduated neutral density filters.


  • One .zip file with presets for Lightroom 3 and onward.
  • Text file with instructions for install.

Most recent update – February 1st, 2018



  • Subtle, one-click vintage presets inspired by warm west coast sunsets and sunrises.
  • Each download contains 25 presets for Adobe Lightroom.
  • Works with both RAW and JPEG images.
  • Free version upgrades are included with every purchase.
  • All presets replicate warm, saturated color tones and can be used across a wide variety of photographic genres.
  • Checkout with Paypal or major credit card.