April 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Colorado Sunflower Field

April 2012 Desktop Wallpaper

The eastern plains of Colorado do not get near as much attention as the Rocky Mountains to the west, but each August the eastern crops of Colorado are greeted with fields upon fields of sunflowers. They are only fully blossomed for around one week out of the year, so catching them at the right time is tough. It’s truly a unique site when the sea of yellow goes on for further than the eye can see, only to come to a stop at the foot of the best mountains in the US.

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March 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Rocky Mountain National Park

March 2012 Desktop Wallpaper Rocky Mountain National Park

I’ve been pretty busy this month with a complete redesign of this Web site. My intention is to have my photos be seen up close and personal in a full-screen format on the home page. It’s 99% done, and I hope to announce it early next week. Because of this, though, I’ve had little time to get out and shoot. Winter has finally arrived in Colorado (3 months late) and I’m getting the itch to get back outdoors and shoot skiers and ice climbing.

For this month’s wallpaper, I dove deep into the archives of last autumn for this shot from an early morning hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Longs Peak is the tallest peak in the park and can be seen for miles around, including from Denver. The color from the aspen trees was especially bright this season and it was no exception on this cool October morning.

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