10 Things Photography Has Taught Me About Life

Since I began this hobby two years ago, I have found that I do my best thinking camera in hand. Photographing in beautiful locations leads my mind to philosophize and romanticize. While I’m in no way the next Nietzsche, when I go out to shoot everything becomes clear and the world seems to make the most sense. Here are 10 things I have learned standing in open fields, sandy beaches, and on snowy mountaintops.


1. Patience

Stay with it. Things are ever-changing and the most breathtaking thing could happen a matter of seconds after you decide to give up.

Alaska cabin by candlelight[/one_half]

2. Preparation pays off

A little planning and preparation goes a long way. I check weather forecasts, sun/moon angles, and terrain maps before heading to any location – and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to dig a headlamp out of the pack to hike back to the car after deciding to stay at a location well past an epic sunset.




Fotoloco Interview

Recently, I had the opportunity to give an interview to Fotolo.co about my experience in the photography industry. In it, I discuss a few of my favorite and least-liked parts of the industry, traveling, and about life in general. Give it a read, and check out some of the other interviews on their site. They have quite the list of great photographers together.