Gear List: Essentials and Photo Equipment

It’s that time of year again. The snow is melting. The temperatures are rising. The waterfalls and rivers are flowing. Hikers and backpackers are starting to hit the trails, and the outdoor magazines are publishing their gear lists of recommended items to bring along.

When I head out on an overnight backpacking trip, I leave with the priority of photos in mind. The heavy photography equipment means that I have to live by the light is right mantra. What I take on my journey can be just as important as what I end up not taking. Here is my list of gear that I just can’t live without:


  • PackF-Stop Gear Satori (5lb 8oz)
  • This is easily the best backpack for adventure/nature photography. A bold statement, but I challenge anyone to find a better system. At 58 liters, this is the largest expedition backpack that F-Stop makes.

    Their packs are designed with an internal camera unit (ICU) that makes customizing the room that I wish to commit to my gear very simple. I use the medium size ICU which holds my gear perfectly. I could probably downgrade to the smallest size, but if I do find myself with extra room in the ICU, I use it for storing food. The pack is back-loading, meaning that when laying it down in the mud, none of that gets transfered back onto me after I’m done shooting.

    F-Stop Gear Satori Backpack

  • TentBlack Diamond Bipod Bivy (1lb 13oz)
  • At first, I was hesitant of going with a bivy as my main shelter. The major flaw being that if it rains or snows, I have little to no space to store my photo equipment. I solved this by carrying a simple emergency blanket in my pack. If it’s dry, the blanket provides an extra barrier between my bivy, my sleeping pad, and the ground. In case of rain or snow, I store my photography gear with me in the bivy , and cover my pack with the blanket outside, holding it down with rocks.

    The bivy is a bit cramped for space, making sleeping on my side a bit difficult, but the bug net provides me a full view of the night sky, and the small amount of space and weight it takes up easily outweighs any cons.

    Black Diamond Bipod Bivy



40 Photographers to Follow on Twitter

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last four years, Twitter is taking over the Internet. It’s more than a website to update your friends on what you’re doing, but rather a place to market products, research trends and find interesting content.

Now if you’re one of the one that’s been saying you don’t understand it, take some time to add some of these photographers and you’ll see what kind of information you could be getting.

This is by no means a “Best Photographers on Twitter list,” but rather a list of people that I think post interesting content, both with their personal work, as well as information that new photographers can learn from.

The Essentials

1. Scott Bourne – (@ScottBourne) – Scott is probably best known on Twitter for giving away photo equipment on a regular basis. His photography is also amazing as well.
2. Jeremy Cowart – (@jeremycowart) – Jeremy has shot such people as Tim Tebow, Imogen Heap, and Brandi Carlile. He’s currently working on a photo essay titled “Voices of Haiti” which showcases some of the people affected by the tragic earthquake.
3. David Hobby – (@strobist) – David is the first photographer I visit when I need a reference on lighting a subject.
4. Trey Ratcliff (@TreyRatcliff) – Trey is the king of HDR photography.
5. Chase Jarvis (@chasejarvis) – Chase has an excellent outgoing personality and a huge love for creating things.
6. Michael Zhang (@petapixel) – Sometimes content from several sites on the Internet can all run together, but Michael manages to find new content that is relevant and equally exciting.
7. Jim Goldstein (@jimgoldstein) – Jim is a landscape photographer residing in San Francisco.
8. Scott Kelby (@ScottKelby) – Scott Kelby shoots many things, but it’s his excellent Photoshop tutorial blog that drew me into his work.
9. Art Wolfe (@artwolfe) – Art has truly traveled to the edge of the world to capture some amazing travel photographs.
10. Tom Lowe (@timescapes) – Tom may be a stretch to put on a list of photographers because he shoots mostly timelapse videos, but his videos are mind boggling, and a timelapse video is essentially just several thousand photos, right?