Sunrise Above the Fog – Patience Paying Off

Recently I wrote a post titled 10 Things Photography Has Taught Me About Life. In that post, the item that I gave the most value to was patience. A few weeks ago this paid off for me in the best way.

Mount Evans is a 14er which sits on the front range just outside of the Denver metroplex. On it is the highest paved road in North America which is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year. Since moving to Colorado in 2007 I’ve kept a daily eye on the weather hoping to see a prediction of slow moving storms which bring low fog through the valley below the peak’s summit. Time and time again I’ve left my house at 3:30 AM only to catch a cloud-free sunrise or a dense whiteout. Watching a new day begin from 14,000 feet made each trip worth it, but continually not getting what I set out to see was a huge test to my patience.

That all changed last week.


November 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Blanca Peak, Colorado

November 2012 Desktop Wallpaper Blanca Peak Colorado

With fall winding down in Colorado, I’ve been making it a point to get a few more difficult mountains climbed before they’re covered with snow. Blanca Peak, a 14er in the Sangre de Cristo range, has been on my list for a while. This was shot the night before while camping in the valley below.

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