Fresh Shots – Loveland Pass

With winter in full swing around Colorado, I’ve been making it a point to spend as much of my time in the mountains as possible to capture the snowy scenes. My go-to spot as of recently has been Loveland Pass. Due to it’s location close to Denver, Loveland Pass gets plenty of backcountry skiers that hike to earn their turns in untouched powder.


As always, are shots are available as prints.
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7 ski/snowboard films for 2011 that you must watch

A quick warning that what lies ahead is a quick and easy way to waste away an hour of your Monday afternoon. For whatever reasons, ski/snowboard film companies release all of their movie teasers for their fall movies in the dead heat of summer. While I’m out riding mountain bikes and rock climbing, now I can come back to my computer and dream of riding fresh powder in January. Here’s a preview of 7 of the films that I’m looking forward to watching most this fall.

The Art of Flight (Brain Farm Digital Cinema)

After 2009’s That’s It That’s All, I thought the best of the best had been reached in snowboard films. I was wrong. Travis Rice and crew are back filming with Brain Farm and the trailer looks amazing.