February 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – Montana de Oro Sunset

February 2012 Desktop Wallpaper Montana de Oro

This month, I’ve introduced several new sizes to the monthly wallpaper, including a Facebook cover photo that works with the new Timeline feature that has recently been rolling out. I reviewed my web stats for the last year and released the wallpaper in the top 15 most popular desktop dimensions for browsing my site and I will continue to do so each month.

This photo was shot at Montana de Oro State Park in California. My favorite part of this area of California, aside for the beautiful scenery, is that there was absolutely no one around. I didn’t see a single soul for the nearly 3 hours spent on this bit of coastline. At this particular area, the leading lines of the rock features were interesting to me and made natural shapes out of the ocean water. The sunset this spring evening was a particularly long one, and I was grateful to have the extra time for composing each shot perfectly.

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