June 2013 Desktop Wallpaper – Trout Lake and Mount Shasta

This photo was shot on an early morning at Trout Lake in Northern California. This adventure led me into the countryside where myself and 3 of my photographer friends spent all night capturing the Milky Way over an abandoned barn. We wrapped up the all-nighter at Trout Lake before heading back to San Francisco on little sleep.

(A big thank you to Aperture Academy’s Brian Rueb for the GPS coordinates and location help in finding this and other epic spots throughout this weekend.)

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Fresh Shots – Loveland Pass

With winter in full swing around Colorado, I’ve been making it a point to spend as much of my time in the mountains as possible to capture the snowy scenes. My go-to spot as of recently has been Loveland Pass. Due to it’s location close to Denver, Loveland Pass gets plenty of backcountry skiers that hike to earn their turns in untouched powder.


As always, are shots are available as prints.
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December 2011 Desktop Wallpaper – Zion Narrows

December Wallpaper Zion Narrows

As much as I love winter in Colorado, Utah provides a stark contrast in scenery while waiting for the mountains to be covered in snow. After spending all day in The Subway two days prior, our group opted to rent drysuits for an all-day excursion into the Narrows, a slot canyon in Zion National Park. It turned out to be a great decision and the 42 degree water was actually semi-pleasant. This photo of a particularly high area of the canyon walls was shot early in the morning when the light hit the walls perfectly.