The First 10 Photographers You Should Follow on Google Plus **Updated**

Google Plus LogoGoogle’s new social networking site, Google+, has exploded recently and looks as though it’s going to serve as a legit competitor to Facebook. This presents new opportunities for photographers to market their work, as well as learn and interact with fellow photographers. This list is photographers who are on-board with making Google+ a successful place for networking and sharing. They’re all active in posting links, articles, sharing photos, and even writing articles. Add them to a Photography circle to start a great networking base in Google+.

1. Trey Ratcliff

Trey is widely known for his Stuck in Customs site and as the leader in HDR photography. Regardless of your views on the craft, Trey has brought it into the photography mainstream and has done an excellent job at marketing his work.

2. Colby Brown

Colby is a Denver-based landscape, travel, and humanitarian photographer. He recently wrote a blog post debunking the recent Scott Bourne myth that using Google+ means that Google owns your images.

3. Thomas Hawk

Thomas has had a huge Internet following for some time, so it only makes sense that he would be one of the first to migrate to Google+. His portfolio is excellent, but I enjoyed his recent post of Top Ten Google+ Tips for Photographers.

4. Jim Goldstein

Jim is an outdoor/nature photographer from San Francisco. His portfolio is full of beautiful images, but it’s the articles that he’s been posting to Google+ that have been essential in welcoming and getting me integrated into the new social network.

5. Don MacAskill

The co-founder and CEO of SmugMug is another photographer that’s been posting great links that should be essential to getting started with Google+

6. Paul R. Giunta

Paul is a Los Angeles based live-performance, commercial, and portrait photographer.

7. Damien Franco

Damien recently asked his followers to chime in, and in doing so, created a huge, and still growing, list of photographers that reside on Google+.

8. Beau Kahler

Beau is a rock-climber and photographer from Fort-Collins, Colorado.

9. Chris Marquardt

Chris is a travel photographer and the co-host of the Happy Shooting (in German) podcast.

10. Nicole S. Young

Nicole is a full-time food and lifestyle photographer and author living in the Salt Lake Valley area of Utah.

Leave a comment below to let me know if there is someone that I left off of this list, and of course you can also follow me on Google+ I also still have a few invites left to Google+ if anyone is looking for one.

**Updated 7/14** – After seeing the early explosion of photographers creating community in Google Plus, it seems as though many more have jumped on the bandwagon. Here are a few more photographers that should be essential for your photography circles:

11. Di Fruscia Photography

D Fruscia is a fine-art nature and landscape photographer from St-Lazare, Quebec, Canada.

12. TSO Photography by Terje Sørgjerd

Terje is a Norwegian landscape photographer that has photos from all over the world.

13. Christian Baillet

Christian is in marketing and advertising in Paris, France, but it’s the landscape and wildlife photos on his Google+ page that will catch your eye.

14. Eric Leslie

Eric is a California-based landscape photographer.

15. Gary Crabbe

Gary is another California-based landscape photographer and is the founder of Enlightened Images.

16. Russ Bishop

Russ has an extensive collection of stock and fine art landscape photography.

**Updated 7/22** – Instead of continually updating this post with new photographers I’ve created a list of all of the Photographers lists that are continually popping up.

  • I am a new Photographer but my dad was one so I have a lot of experience and I always have a camera on hand..I would love to help out in anyway I can I am in the Panhandle region of Texas and just love what the camera can do.

  • Photographers seem to be the group who’ve found the collective power on Google+ first… or perhaps my following Trey Ratcliff got me a skewed view of the world of Google+ from the off! Actually, that’s not true – I follow mainly tech folk, I just notice photographers’ posts first because of the images.

    Google+’s evolution seems like early days on Twitter, groups finding voices, and people jockeying to be leader of each tribe. It’s very exciting times. I’m glad to see lists like this popping up, making it easier to find the right people to follow – although like Twitter, this will probably result in small numbers of people with large tribes, simply by knowing the right people not the right facts.

    I see Photography being very popular on G+ given that it’s built in as a key element. I don’t find the albums very user friendly yet – enlarging the first image from a group, not giving you any choice of default image isn’t something I like particularly – I daresay it will soon evolve though, such is the way of the G people.

    • You’re right, Rob. Photography seems to have huge potential on Google+. I’m excited about the direction that it’s headed. I’ve voiced my opinion to Google about some improvements that I’d like to see, in particular the large image in the album. Hopefully still being in beta will lead to several changes if they hear our concerns. I haven’t played much with Picasa’s integration into the site yet, but maybe there’s potential for some good things for photographers there, too.

  • Thanks for including me in your list!

  • Jessamy Goddard

    Thankyou everyone for letting me join you to my circles!! I am hoping to post some photos soon!!

  • hmm you must have forgotten me somehow 😉 +Dave Cox (from Elevendy)

  • Thank you so much for adding me to your list!

  • I am somehow gratified that I had but one of them already in circles – so much good work to see and share on G+!

  • Great ! Excelent list. I already added some of this photographer to my circle. Feel free to add me to your photographer circles too.

  • Nice list. Loads of talent there. Google + definitely appears to be a game changer; it’ll be interesting to watch it mature.

  • You need more wedding photographers on there (hint hint:)

  • Vova

    If you are into fashion photography, you might also take a look at +Aliona Kuznetsova – she is a great fashion photographer from Switzerland.

  • Just curious, why is this list so full of landscape photographers?

    Surely a list could be found with a range of photography types?

    • Because this was written within the first few weeks of Google+’s existence. I need to get around to making a top 100 since G+ has exploded with a ton of great photographers from all genres.